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Elite prostitutes in Turkey In the field of sex services today there are girls for every taste and budget, you can order from cheap roadside to VIP prostitutes in Turkey. The latter are a separate caste, significantly differing from more accessible colleagues in their education, appearance and list of services. They are also called “escort girls” or VIP prostitutes, and in Turkey there is a steadily high demand for their services, because we are talking about a capital city full of status men. Such girls are the choice of men who are accustomed to everything in their lives to be on top, perfect and with chic. Even a lover - and that should be professional and in all respects impeccable.

Features of the work of VIP prostitutes Elite prostitutes of Istanbul are special girls belonging to the highest level of representatives of the most ancient profession. These are seductresses who have knowledge of all the secrets of fantastic sex and are able to satisfy any client’s wishes, no matter how strange and sophisticated they may seem. Without exaggeration, such a girl can be called a “priestess of love”, because she knows how to make a man forget about everything, can give an unearthly pleasure. It is interesting that VIP prostitutes themselves love what they do, value their work, as well as the client, experience sex pleasure, immersed in love joys without a trace, and are given to the client without restrictions. The services of an elite prostitute in Turkey are quite expensive, the client is willing to pay as much as the lady will say. He gets a "tidbit" for intimate entertainment.

Portrait of a modern elite prostitute in Istanbul Turkish elite prostitutes are very beautiful girls - the "flowers" of society. Become a prostitute of an elite level can only beauties of model appearance (face and figure should be perfect). They give a lot of time to support beauty: they regularly visit beauty salons, spa centers, fitness rooms, often they are provided with the services of a personal nutritionist, massage therapist, and hairdresser. VIP prostitutes always have a tasteful wardrobe; clothes fit perfectly, emphasizing the beauty, harmony and grace of the figure. Necessarily - perfect makeup.

Given that VIP girls often have to accompany their status patrons, representatives of the VIP caste spend a lot of time on self-development and improvement. The elite prostitutes of Istanbul are necessarily smart and educated, quite sociable and sociable, charming and can find a common language with anyone. Such a girl always skillfully supports the conversation, without falling at the same time "face in the mud."

Another feature is that the best elite prostitutes do not work for the stream, they only have regular customers, and no more than three. It happens that they become only one or two “daddy's” kept women, without wasting their beauty, strength, health and energy on a large number of men. Of course, a VIP girl should be experienced in providing intimate services, but elite prostitutes who are “hackneyed” will not be included in this number.

The most elite prostitutes with different sex services Turkish elite prostitutes have a lot of knowledge and skills, they differ in that they do not put barriers, prohibitions and restrictions in sex, everything that a patron client wants is done. These girls have professional striptease skills, some entertain the client with belly dancing. Among the services provided by elite girls, an unforgettable erotic massage is distinguished, moreover, they can easily surprise a “daddy” with its various types (body massage, Thai, foamy, “Sakura branch” and not only). And, of course, this is sex. Definitely unlimited. Only high-quality, sensual, rich, diverse, and not boring sexual intercourse. Thus, speaking of the intimate services of a VIP prostitute in Istanbul, we can distinguish:

intercourse in absolutely any poses; the richest set of oral caresses; anal intercourse; blowjob (without condom, medium and deep); cunnilingus; a variety of fetishes (e.g. fisting, golden rain, foot fetish); role-playing games (female domination, male, playing the Lady and the Slave and vice versa, and others); the use of all kinds of intimate toys and devices (handcuffs, whip, whip, blindfold for the victim, strapon) - it all depends on the wishes of the patron; BDSM (if this is the client’s desire); striptease; eromassage; group coitus (if “daddy” wants it). In addition to sex, as noted, the best elite prostitute is engaged in an escort, accompanies her client at a meeting, on business trips, at social events, can brighten up his leisure time, and often even contributes to a career. They can have sex with an elite prostitute in Istanbul anywhere, and when the client wants it, even if it will be “strange” places at first glance.

Where to find an elite prostitute in Turkey If an ordinary girl can be found on the highway, in the hotel lobby, in salons (masquerading as erotic massage), then an elite prostitute cannot be found like that. Only VIP girls attend expensive Istanbul establishments, clubs, and fashion presentations. Look out for such a beauty too

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